Caring is Organic         

It flows from the love and respect one has for family, friends and community .

Because we love, we care.  Caring Is Organic

Directly caring for a parent or spouse (rather than sending a loved one to a nursing home or hiring home helpers) is typically thought of  as rewarding.  But while it may offer a measure of comfort and assurance that a loved one is being well cared for,  it can often be stressful.  Challenges include role reversals (i.e. a child may take on the role of decision maker or even parent to their own father or mother).   There may be logistical challenges to balancing multiple roles such as caring for oneself, ones children, nurturing one’s relationship and caring for parents (often referred to as being part of the ‘sandwich generation’).   Finally, adult caregivers typically work alone with very little support   Full time home based caregivers report missing the “water cooler conversations” with  co-workers that tend to fuel ideas and suggestions  for care.  

Caring Is Organic (CIO)  is a network of caregivers who  support one another online by reading and responding to one another’s posts.  The water cooler comes to you!  Becoming a part of the CIO community is easy.  When someone posts to the blog,  all CIO members receive a notice that a new post has been published.  Each has the option of reading the post and sharing her or his own experience or ideas.  However, there is no obligation to respond.  CIO’s blog  is monitored by  a licensed Social Worker who  keeps  the conversation flowing, provides professional support as needed and works to make the blog a positive resource for adult caregivers.  CIO is free of charge,  anonymous and the site is up 24 hours a day. 

Join this community of caregivers and begin to enjoy the benefits of developing your own personal support system.  All that is necessary to post is a heart open to care and a spirit open to share.  Join Caring Is Organic today and realize the strength that a community of support can offer!

 Welcome To Caring Is Organic!


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